Choose SMS marketing service convenient for you and start attracting new customers even today!

Use mobile marketing opportunities with the help of
SMS service

We offer full range of SMS services. Provide existing clients with information or
attract new customers by SMS advertising.

SMS sending

Massively send SMS messages to a potential and existing customer group or a particular client personally.

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SMS advertising

Introduce your products or services to a wide audience, by choosing age, gender, location.

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SMS-API interface

Send SMS massages from your program, web-site, or CRM and let your customers know about your product, service, news.

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NOSMS number

Different ways to refuse SMS advertising, while using them, you are protected from consumer claims and infringements.

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SMS moderation

Every SMS message is moderated as first of all, compliance with the law of activity is checked.

Send SMS messages from your program, web-site, or CRM


Connect the API or SMPP service of MS Group to your project and inform news to your consumers


Completion of registration or confirmation of order by one-time SMS


Create an automatic notification process for a change of balance or taxi arrival. Informing via SMS - it's very easy

Why us?

MS Group has maintained its leadership position in SMS marketing for years. The result of our 13 years of experience is providing high quality software with the full functionality of professional marketing.

  • Best quality SMS service and diverse functionality
  • We are the only SMS sending company working with all three GSM operators (Beeline, Magti, Geocell)
  • We offer various SMS messaging services
  • We provide personalized service manager support individually for each company

About SMS service

SMS marketing is a way to quickly inform a wide range of audience of consumers. By selecting your target audience, new customers can be attracted by SMS advertising. SMS advertising is a simple and effective way of communicating with millions of people about your product / service in the shortest possible time.

SMS marketing opportunities: target audience selection, high probability of reading SMS message, fast delivery of information, awareness raising, instant results.

Using SMS service on your own base will enable you to provide your existing consumers with any information about your product / service, as well as send the requested SMS message (activation code, etc.)