About us

About company MS Group

The company "MS Group" was established in 2011. Our service area is advertising-information SMS marketing. We always strive to provide news and comfort to our customers within scope of SMS marketing. Based on our experience we offer high quality SMS service at competitive prices. Our team works as transparently as possible, which is why we keep loyal customers in the SMS marketing field for years.

Large scale SMS marketing in Georgia was carried out for the first time through our company.

We are the only SMS messaging company that cooperates with all three GSM operators, which allows us to send SMS messages as quickly and smoothly as possible. Today, we provide SMS services to over 85% of companies that use SMS marketing, as sending SMS messages is a simple and effective form of communication.

Why us?

A variety of SMS services

SMS marketing on the basis of MS Group to inform potential customers about your product / service news.

Sending information SMS on promotions or news on your database (to your existing customer);

SMPP and / or HTTP API interface, to send SMS messages automatically from your site or application (activation code, etc.).

Speed, quality

We are the only SMS advertisement company working with all three GSM operators (Beeline, Magti, Geocell), which ensures the best speed and the best quality of service on the market.

Individual approach

We provide personalized service manager support individually for each company.

SMS Panel


SMS panel provides two types of messaging campaign: promotional and informational SMS messages which can be made for a single time or planned in any amount.

Automatically send any individual SMS message through pre-planning (e.g., birthday greetings);

Send SMS in both Latin and Georgian characters.

Latin alphabet: 151 characters.
Georgian alphabet: 61 characters.


Through the SMS panel you can track both completed and ongoing mailing reports and keep an eye on the SMS messaging process. You can export data by detailing the report of the message and status for each number.

If you send it to your database you can run and control a blacklist.


From the SMS panel, you can add a brand name online in any quantity.

From the SMS panel, you can fill balance (subscribe for SMSs) which is instantly reflected in your account.

When (creating sms campaign) sending SMS the panel allows you to specify the unsubscribe code (*297#) or send without the code as you wish.

Principles of the MS Group

The main principle of our work is transparency and a high quality of service, which is the reason of why we keep loyal customers for many years and find many new partners in SMS marketing.


Customer Care

We continually care about customer satisfaction and create easy and convenient services.


Personal Service Manager

We have a personal service manager who can help you with any task within 24 hours.


New Opportunities

With us SMS service is constantly evolving and we offer our clients new opportunities in SMS information.


Following legislation

We operate and operate SMS service within the law, which is very important for our customers.


Confirmation of SMS

Advertising SMS will only be sent to the MS Group database only after the client confirms SMS Test.



Customer data represents a trade secret and is not subject to disclosure. We use appropriate technology and operating security standards to protect customer data.

The SMS control panel allows you to track both completed (mailing archives) and current mailing lists (current mailing lists) and check status for each number.

To simplify sending of SMS notifications you can compose desirable templates in advance from SMS panel, give names, keep and use the pre-composed texts when sending a specific notification.


Contact Groups

In the SMS panel you can edit and sort data of users, create contact groups, and send messages to your target audience

With the SMS control panel you can schedule your mailing in advance. You can plan single, daily or monthly mailing, etc. A mailing list will be sent automatically at the specified date and time.

Approaches of our company

SMS marketing is so popular nowadays that it covers every field and every category of company as every company needs sending SMS on any kind of information to the users: individual message, general information or offer. All fields are specific, so we strive to tailor every company individually in order to meet their needs.

Simplicity, practicality and affordability, our practical and valuable solutions are designed to meet the needs of each and every customer, in various sectors ranging from small businesses to large companies such as banks, finance and construction companies, etc.

Understanding the needs of our customers is our top priority. When we understand better, we serve our clients better. Client requirements grow and develop which makes our service more sophisticated. That is why we are listening to our customers.