Company history

Company "MS Group" was established and has been operating since 2011. At that time Georgia's SMS market was newly created.

"MS Group" was the first to offer customers a convenient interface for SMS messaging with its own capabilities: simple, with rich functionality, full support, and low prices. It can be said that this MS group started SMS-advertising and SMS-sending service in Georgia.

Due to the high performance and efficiency, companies have started to use SMS services massively. As the market slowly grew, customers realized the importance of SMS marketing and began to gather their own contact bases. This caused a great deal of interest and little advertising companies appeared on the market who had no experience in the SMS marketing sphere and tried to buy consumers at the expense of low prices. This has led to the fact that the number of messages per day has increased enormously, which caused irritation among consumers.

"MS Group" was the first to introduce an effective and easy method of rejecting SMS advertising. Even before the law came into force on November 1, 2014, “MS Group” has already offered its subscriber unregistration code * 297 #, which allows consumers to refuse SMS completely free of charge and easily. Informed the consumers how to use the existing code. The call center was active, with numerous calls regarding that issue during the day. In the end, through the “MS group”, the consumers has learned how to behave if he/she does not want to receive a message or vice versa to activate SMS ads in the desired categories.

As of today, “MS Group” is a leader in SMS marketing.

The main principle of “MS Group” 's work is high quality service, novelty and transparency, which has resulted and today serves more than 85% of SMS marketing customers throughout Georgia.

Within “MS Group”, great emphasis is always made on interface simplicity, perception and high system performance.

Many competitors have attempted to copy SMS product of “MS Group”, but none have been able to strike a balance - simplicity, convenience, performance and agility. The “MS Group” team serves its customers 24 hours a day and provides maximum comfort in fast and easy communication with their customers. In “MS Group”, new products and services are constantly being introduced / developed that are delivered to customers step by step.

Despite the unhealthy competition in the market, “MS Group” has been able to maintain its market lead through the tireless work of its professional team, and today is the largest SMS sender in Georgia.

Mission: Simplify connection and enhance communication between company and customer.

Vision: To be the best SMS service provider in Georgia and abroad. Introduce the latest technologies of SMS marketing.