Sender ID

How to add Sender ID

In the menu we select "Services, then "Sender Names".

In the "Add Brand Name" block, fill in the "Brand Name" field, which may contain 11 characters of Latin alphabet.
The following symbols may not be used: “ ” ‘ ’ & ^ # / ~ | \

We can also write a description / comment.

After that we click on the "Submit request" button. You will see a confirmation message for the operation completion.
"Sender ID" is sent to moderation with the staff of "MS Group".
Moderation time is about 10 minutes.
Each "Brand Name" page has a cancel button.
After moderation, the "Sent ads" block will display "brand-name" status.

What do the statuses mean?

"Request sent" - "Sender ID" is not active and is awaiting moderation.

"Request Fulfilled" - "Sender ID" is active and is displayed in the sending form. You can select and send messages in the appropriate field.

"Request Rejected" - The "Sender ID" you specified has not been activated, the comment will indicate the reason. The main reason for blocking a "Sender ID" is the wrong size or inappropriate symbols.

The "Active Sender IDs" block is just a list of active sender names, the time of addition. You also have the option to select the primary sender name, which will be automatically indicated in the sender’s field.