SMS Rejection Service *297#

Sending SMS, like any other service, is good until it becomes bothering. Many consumers want to reject annoying and unnecessary information, but do not know how to turn off advertising SMS messages.

There are also cases when we want to get some type of information and do not want to turn off SMS ads completely.

According to the Georgian legislation, the law entered into force on November 1 which envisages the possibility of rejecting each SMS subscriber of Georgia.

"MS Group" company's SMS Rejection Service enables you to select the category of messages you want.

To turn off SMS advertising, you should go to the USSD menu of the "MS Group". To do this, you should dial *297# on your phone and ring to that number

In the appeared menu, select a category


შემდეგ ეკრანზე დაინახავთ შესაბამისი კატეგორიის ჩართვის ან გამორთვის შეტყობინებას.