Advertising SMS campaign

Send targeted SMS messages

Targeted SMS Advertising - Send SMS message on the existing MS Group database containing numbers of all three GSM operators. You can send SMS ads depending on age, gender or geolocation.

  • Only those subscribers who match the selected settings will receive the ad;
  • Tell a new audience about your product / service and attract new customers;
  • Send current promotions to users with different target options.

Recommendations when creating SMS campaign

We can get the most out of SMS advertising when choosing a reliable and responsible service provider. Otherwise you might expect customer dissatisfaction and spoiled reputation.

You must obtain numbers in a legal manner. Subscribers should be able to refuse to receive SMS messages.

When sending an advertisement /notification, it is advisable to include a contact number in the SMS text to receive instant feedback from customers.

Please indicate mechanism of refusing messages in your advertisement/notification(USSD code * 297 # or five-digit short number), which is governed by the law on Personal Data Protection.

For better results, it is best to include some offer (promotion, discount, etc.) in the text.

Sending an advertisement is recommended between 10:00 and 20:00.

In case of using SMS panel, periodically filter bases to maximize the presence of inactive numbers in the database. The existence of inactive numbers in the database prevents sending messages in high-speed. Remove numbers from the mailing list that did not receive messages as such numbers are likely to be inactive.

If you use SMS panel, change the primary password for security.

Start your SMS text with a keyword such as: "Discount", "Promotion" etc., because the charm of SMS advertising is that when a message is received, the user sees the first line of text without opening the message.

The sender's name can be not only company symbols but also any keywords (promotions, discounts, etc.) that will make the customer want to read your message. You can register a brand name in unlimited quantities.

SMS Targeting Options


SMS can be sent to a group of users of a certain age


Send SMS ads to certain sex users

Region, District

Select the geographic location from which you want to attract users

ჩვენი უპირატესობა


13 years experience in SMS marketing service.

GSM operators

Collaboration with all three GSM operators (Magti, Geocell, Beeline).

Contact base

Existing company base, which is updated every three months.

SMS rejection mechanism

There are several alternatives to rejecting an SMS message.


Target audience selection

Advertising is possible by considering several criteria.

Customer Care

We continually care for customer satisfaction and create convenient services.

Experienced team

Our experienced team guarantees that we keep loyal customers for years.


We are constantly offering our clients new opportunities in SMS marketing.

Solutions for all areas of business

  • Auto shops, auto dealers, service centers
  • Banks and credit organizations
  • Nightclubs, Restaurants, Cafes & Bars
  • Insurance companies, insurance brokers
  • Shopping malls, hypermarkets
  • Aesthetic and Beauty Centers
  • Online Stores and Web 2.0
  • Movie theaters and sports-entertainment centers
  • Construction companies
  • Tourism, Tour Operators, Tour Companies
  • Sports, fitness clubs
  • Perfume shops

How to send ad messages to the existing MS Group database

If you wish to send promotional messages on the base of MS Group, you should provide the following information to your Personal Service via e-mail:

  • SMS text message, 1 SMS contains maximum 151 characters (space and case characters are included).
  • Sender ID, which contains maximum 11 characters (space, and case characters are included).
  • Campaign Segmentation (Age, Gender, District, Region, City, etc.)
  • Test numbers;
  • Campaign start date and time;
  • Additional comments if needed.

The Personal Service Manager sends test message on the number provided by you, after which you confirm the correctness of the message, and only after that the advertisement messages are sent to the "MS Group" database.

Control Mechanisms

  • If you send mailings from MS Group base, after 24 hours we will provide you with server statistics indicating the details and status of the mailing list and how many numbers received messages;
  • You can attend your messaging process;
  • You can track both current and completed messages sent by SMS panel or HTTP connection from your own system and check statuses for each number.

Meaning of statuses of sent messages

Status Meaning
8sumbit to operator