Informational SMS campaign

Send SMS messages

Instantly inform your users, use the SMS panel, from anywhere. You will need Internet only. SMS panel can be used from any device: computer, tablet, mobile phone. From the SMS panel you can:

  • send messages one time and plan multiple, periodic messages;
  • schedule mailings in any quantity in advance;
  • produce and sort your users' data, contact groups;
  • schedule any individual messages in advance and send them automatically (eg birthday greetings);
  • purchase the desired number of SMS messages that are reflected in your balance instantly;
  • check and keep track of current mailings;
  • check the mailing list archive, where you can see reports / statuses of sent messages, and complete information about sent messages;
  • send messages in both Latin and Georgian characters;
  • perform both advertising and informational messaging;
  • use the unsubscribe code specified in the system - refuse to receive SMS;
  • add sender ID's.

SMS-sending service capabilities

Easy import of contacts

The unique smart import system in one format brings numbers together in a single format and deletes duplicates

Manage sending time

Send an SMS immediately or plan to send it in advance at your desired time

Inform Target Customers

Groups and contacts can be segmented in database with many parameters

Performance analysis

Detailed statistics will show you the effectiveness of SMS-sending. It is possible to export to Excel

Manage informational SMS sending

Sender ID

Register individual sender id's and send SMS messages on the name of your company.

The brand name may contain 11 characters of the Latin alphabet. The following symbols must not be used: “ ” ‘ ’ & ^ # / ~ | \




Send SMS messages with scheduled mailing list. Such pre-scheduled SMS will be automatically sent at the specified time.

SMS personalization

Add any personal information to the message - name, date of birth, discount coupon number, etc. Make SMS individual for each user, using the automatic data replacement feature.


SMS sending functions

Statistics and efficiency

Evaluate SMS marketing results by analyzing SMS mailing statistics. Find out how many users received SMS and how many did not.

Increase customer loyalty

Automatically congratulate clients with their birthdays. Compose a congratulatory text and the system will automatically send an SMS message on the specified day.

Manage exception numbers

Include numbers in the blacklist that have failed to receive SMS several times or who do not want to receive SMS, or even numbers you don't want to send a message to.

Our advantages


13 years experience in SMS marketing service.

GSM operators

Collaboration with all three GSM operators (Magti, Geocell, Beeline).

Contact base

Existing company base, which is updated in every three months.

SMS rejection mechanism

There are several alternatives to the mechanism of refusing to receive advertising SMS.


Target audience selection

Advertising is possible by considering several criteria.

Customer Care

We continually care for customer satisfaction and create convenient services.

Experienced team

Our experienced team guarantees that we keep loyal customers for years.


We are constantly offering our clients new opportunities in SMS marketing.

Solutions for all areas of business

  • Auto shops, auto dealers, service centers
  • Banks and credit organizations
  • Nightclubs, Restaurants, Cafes & Bars
  • Insurance companies, insurance brokers
  • Shopping malls, hypermarkets
  • Aesthetic and Beauty Centers
  • Online Stores and Web 2.0
  • Movie theaters and sports-entertainment centers
  • Construction companies
  • Tourism, Tour Operators, Tour Companies
  • Sports, fitness clubs
  • Perfume shops